Senior Home in Baddegama - Sri Lanka

The Lotus Flower

symbolizes purity and divine birth.






The Senehasa senior home project was set up because of an undersea earthquake that struck off the Northwest cost of the Indonesian Island of Sumatra on the 26th of December 2004. This was the third largest Earthquake in the world since 1900 we all know the devastation it caused.


The quake caused a huge tsunami and the world was faced with the terrible consequences of this unleashed water mass. Hundreds of thousands of people lost their lives. The effects caused by a catastrophe of this size will continue for many years to come.


Many children lost their parents, but also many parents their children. In third world countries the loss of children to parents is an emotional tragedy but also a disaster for the "old age pensioners" provisions. In many third world countries most people are not insured (National Insurance) so most old people need the help and support from their children. But on December the 26th 2004 Sri Lanka was a country where this support was seriously affected.

Our mission is that over a period of time the care center will be able to grow into a self-sufficient care center for the elderly.

We are looking for volunteers to organize activities that will help support our fundraising.

Are you interested?

Please let us know.

All donations made to the Senehasa Founda-

tion are very welcome, all contributions made will be sent directly to the foundations ongoing projects.