Senior Home in Baddegama - Sri Lanka

The Lotus Flower

symbolizes purity and divine birth.


This is a summary of the Senehasa foundations policy plan for the next 4 years (2012-2015)


Facts about the Senehasa foundation


   •  The objective of the foundation is primarily to

       support (financially and politically) the Senehasa

       Senior Home in Baddegama (South Sri Lanka)

   •  Contribute to the development of local (elderly) care

      in a broader sense, in which the Senior Home

      operates as a center.


The senior home opened on May 10th 2010 it has a capacity for 48 residents, divided into 4 houses. The management is housed in the main building as are all amenities (kitchen, doctor’s surgery, and restaurant). Thanks to financial contributions from the Sevagram Foundation (care organisation in Heerlen) and Vebego Foundation (Voerendaal who helped to make this possible.


The Senehasa foundations aim is to help the Senior Home function as a financially independent care center. In October 2011 the care center was officially recognized by the Sri Lankan government, which has opened the way to receiving a financial contribution from the government. In the coming years The Netherlands will play an important part in the financial services needed together with sponsors and contributions.


Target group for the senior home


Residents of the Senior Home are people who cannot independently provide for themselves. They are mostly elderly people who are homeless and / or have been abandoned by their family.


(Policy and strategic) planning for the senior home)


The development plan for the Senior Home is based upon knowledge accumulated in care homes in the Netherlands. Our objective is to provide an environment that protects and supports the residents.


We deliberately did not choose to implement the Dutch care system straightaway but to opt for a gradual development in the level of care using the residents views combined with the knowledge and experiences The Dutch care system has to offer.


The residents are divided into living areas consisting of 12 people who share double rooms, so forming small Community’s (group homes). Where possible the residents participate in activities in and around the care center. On the grounds of the Senior Home are garden where bananas, manioc, herbs and tea are grown. Produce that is not needed is used to trade for other products. There is a conscious effort to integrate with the surrounding community. People from the local villages are welcome to visit the Senehasa home and help support the residents this could be in the form of providing meals for the residents when celebrating joyful events (such as "Dana").


As the residents from the care home age their physical and mental abilities will deteriorate, so adjusting the conditions to both the actual layout of the buildings and the training of employees is a specific part of the investment policy. Part of our policy is to use knowledge and facility sharing this is achieved in cooperation with other organisations in the region. Contacts from these active organisations both in Sri Lanka and in The Netherlands have the opportunity to visit the home (as a guest/volunteer) and stay in the guest houses for a fee.


Our aim is for the Senior Home to grow into a local Care center for the elderly. One of the first projects was the Opticians which initially started by providing some reading glasses to residents. As of today the Senior Home has its own eye examination equipment. Eye tests are carried out twice a year the glasses are then made in The Netherlands. The glasses are made from old glasses and frames that have been gratefully donated.


The Board in The Netherlands strives to gain a greater awareness of the project and to involve more people in the foundation. This is achieved by organising activities here in The Netherlands that can financial support the project.


The Organisation


The Senehasa Foundation is registered in The Netherlands. Located (in Schimmert) and has a Board. The Board meets at least six times a year and is responsible for raising funds and supporting the management of the senior home. The Board works closely with the Van der Looij Foundation, which for 25 years has been active in on site education projects we are Grateful for the use of their network. Members of the Board visit the location several times a year to consult with the management and employees and set priorities and if necessary lend a helping hand.Every 3 months an advance payment is deposited into a private bank account to the Senehassa, it is then the responsibility of the management to carry out payments and produce Monthly expense accounts to the Treasurer in The NetherlandsThe care center has a part time manager in employment who maintains regular contact with the foundation. Monitoring of the care center is performed by a Buddhist monk from one of the local monasteries. The care center has its own staff. Local doctors hold regular office hours in the senior Centre and are responsible for the medical care.

Our mission is that over a period of time the care center will be able to grow into a self-sufficient care center for the elderly.

We are looking for volunteers to organize activities that will help support our fundraising.

Are you interested?

Please let us know.

All donations made to the Senehasa Founda-

tion are very welcome, all contributions made will be sent directly to the foundations ongoing projects.