Senior Home in Baddegama - Sri Lanka

The Lotus Flower

symbolizes purity and divine birth.



The Senehasa senior home consists of 4 group homes, housing 48 dependent elders. In addition to these 4 group homes there is a main building on the complex where activities take place. There is also a kitchen, a restaurant an opticians and a doctor’s surgery.


The doctor's surgery situated in the main building is where family practitioners from the village Baddegama keep regular office hours. They are also responsible for the medical care in the Senior Home. In mid-2011 the general practitioners informed our location manager Shantha Annasiwatte that some residents due to their condition needed to be able to make use of the facilities in the infirmary. So an additional investment was necessary for a sanitary unit with wheelchair-accessible showers, toilets and a hot water supply also a boiler with solar collectors. In 2012 the board was proud to announce the opening of the senior homes new sanitary facilities.

The reason for the gradual influx of residents in the Senehasa home is to give the employees the opportunity to grow with the care demands and also to gain the necessary experience.


There is Currently 35 elderly people happily living in the senior home and they are very grateful for the opportunities we offer them.We have deliberately opted for a gradual development of the care center. We have chosen not to introduce the Dutch care system immediately but to take into consideration the views and experiences of our elderly and of course most importantly their culture.

Our mission is that over a period of time the care center will be able to grow into a self-sufficient care center for the elderly.

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