Senior Home in Baddegama - Sri Lanka

The Lotus Flower

symbolizes purity and divine birth.



In recent years, our Board Member Paul Block has made several visits to Baddegama and the surrounding areas to perform eye tests on the elderly.Once the eye examinations are completed the data is then brought back to The Netherlands so that prescription glasses can be made. We are very grateful to be able to make ​​use of glasses and frames that have been donated.

On a return visit to Baddegama the glasses are given to each patient that had an eye test. So far nearly 3000 people have been provided with glasses. For most of the elderly people this is the first time in their lives that they have had an eye test. It is a small thing to do for something that is necessary to be able to function independently in society. Very often an unbalanced diet is the causes of eye problems, so the next logical step would be to introduce education in Nutrition.


The eye center operates under the responsibility of Paul Block an optician from Eijsde. He has his own equipment to perform eye examinations. 2011 was the first time ever that eyewear was provided to refugees in remote villagers in Tamil. We have come to realize that this is a project for the Senehasa foundation that must continue. Do you have frames that you wish to donate to this project, please contact our office or Paul Block Optics personally in Eijsden (+31 (0) 6 53 24 97 92)

Our mission is that over a period of time the care center will be able to grow into a self-sufficient care center for the elderly.

We are looking for volunteers to organize activities that will help support our fundraising.

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